BRM 300 km Istra

13. travnja 2010. | News

To the start of this 300 km brevet at OMV gas station in Buzet seven randonneurs have arrived. After receiving necessary road book, map and brevet card, the small caravan went on to climb the highest point of the course, pass Učka. The course led from Buzet to Matulji, Pula, Poreč, Umag, Pazin, and back to Buzet.

Although the morning was not very promising, the day turned out to be perfect for cycling: 20-24 degrees with no or little wind. Unfortunately, during late afternoon the wind was somewhat strong and it started to rain. But, in spite of the bad weather, everybody has arrived to the finish in Buzet.

Thanks to all of the participants and congratulations on finishing.

Here are the results:

Alen Moše17:11
Sebastjan Nedoh13:45
Nevjo Santin17:11
Siniša Babić15:10
Tomislav Buturajac17:11
Ervin Škacan17:11
Ares Buršić12:43

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Sljedeći brevet

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