BRM 400 km Sveta Nedelja

6. svibnja 2010. | News

On Saturday1st of May we rode the longest brevet in Randonneurs Croatie calendar for 2010. Start was at Midnight on the Square Ante Starčević in Sveta Nedelja.

The course was 402 km long with approximately 3500 m of ascent. It lead from Sveta Nedelja, to Postojna via Samobor, Novo Mesto, Metlika, Črnomelj, Kočevje, and Ribnica, and back to Sveta Nedelja via Ribnica, Novo Mesto, and Samobor. At the start there were all seven preregistered randonneurs, all from Croatia. At all times we rode as a group, from start to finish. The weather conditions were almost ideal, and we reached the finish line with no technical trouble at all sometime before 7 pm.

Congratulation to all finishers! In the gallery you may find some photos.

These are the results:

Bojan Gunjević18:36
Robert Đonđ18:36
Alen Moše18:36
Siniša Babić18:36
Nikica Vrabac18:36
Darko Fojs18:36
Ares Buršić18:36

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Sljedeći brevet

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