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7. prosinca 2009. | News

It is time to summarize what is done and to make plans for the New year. 2009 was the year of origin for the Randonneurs Croatie. In 2009 we have organized our first, trial brevet! Your response was beyond our most optimistic expectations. You have shown to us that Randonneurs movement has a bright future in Croatia. ACP (Audax Club Parisien) values its members by their homologated kilometers in one year. That means combined homologated kilometers of all Randonneurs of one domicile Randonneur organization. For example, in 2008 Randonneurs from France have homologated around 450,000 kilometers, and Randonneurs from Slovenia 31,800 kilometers. In 2009 we have homologated 5,700 kilometers. Or individually:

#NameBRM CompletedHomologated Distance (km)
1.Nenad Ciglar200km Koper, 200km Sveta Nedelja400
2.Nikica Vrabac200km Koper200
3.Ino Cvitešić200km Koper200
4.Tomislav Buturajac200km Črnuče, 200km Sveta Nedelja400
5.Branimir Putniković200km Črnuče, 200km Sveta Nedelja400
6.Ervin Škacan200km Koper, 200km Črnuče,200km Sveta Nedelja600
7.Hrvoje Pentek200km Sveta Nedelja200
8.Josip Jeličić200km Sveta Nedelja200
9.Loris Pomazan200km Sveta Nedelja200
10.Dean Ribić200km Sveta Nedelja200
11.Krešo Kljajo200km Sveta Nedelja200
12.Siniša Babić200km Sveta Nedelja200
13.Goran Marović200km Sveta Nedelja200
14.Darko Fojs200km Sveta Nedelja200
15.Ivan Kapović200km Sveta Nedelja200
16.Alen Čižmek200km Sveta Nedelja200
17.Daniel Orel200km Sveta Nedelja200
18.Marko Ožbolt200km Sveta Nedelja200
19.Ares Buršić200km Koper, 300km Črnuče,400km Črnuče, 200km Črnuče1 100
5 700

As shown in the Calendar, for the 2010 Randonnerus Croatie will organize five brevets. Also, starting from 2010, member of Randonnerus Croatie with most homologated kilometers will become the Randonneur of the year.

We wish you happy, successfull and injury free New 2010, with a bunch of kilometers on your bikes.

Happy New year!

Sljedeći brevet

Sljedeći brevet

BRM 200 km Đakovo

25 svibnja 2024 -Lička 2
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Pretraži brevete