LRM 1400 km 4CC 2020

13. svibnja 2020. | Arhiva, LRM 1200 +, News

Dear sign-ups and interests,

The 4CC LRM will be held as it was planned with the start from Ilok on 25th June 2020 at 07:00 am.

Minimum required number of participants is 10.

As the situation was pretty unforeseeable, no special preparations were made. No accommodation or meals organised.

The following will be offered during the LRM 1400 km 4CC:

  • On-line satellite tracking
  • Bag-drop every day between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am at the predefined positions.
  • Bike servicing tools at bag-drop locations
  • Luggage/bike box transfer from Ilok to Molunat

After the ride:

  • Jersey will be ordered and distributed for all participants
  • LRM medal and diploma for all official finishers

As there has not being anything prearranged, ordered or payed in advance, the registration fee is not defined yet. All participants will be informed about it at the beginning of June.

In order that 4CC could be organized at least 10 participant’s confirmations are required before the 10th of June.

At this moment the virus situation gives us the possibility to organise the event for Croatian citizens. For all those planning to come from abroad please follow the official announcements about border crossing to Croatia. Hopefully, the borders will also open up for tourists very soon.

In case of any additional information needed, do not hesitate to contact me!

Best regards,

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