Results BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja 2011.

10. lipnja 2011. | News

Last weekend Randonneurs Croatie organized last qualification or last in the Super series brevet, the BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja.

At the start in Sveta Nedelja on Saturday morning there were ten randonneurs from Slovenia and Croatia. For the first time participating in an Croatian brevet there was an randonneur riding the recumbent bike, it was the winner of that category of this year’s edition of DOS or Race around Slovenia, Aleksej Dolinšek.

Although the weather forecast was not too good, weather conditions were quite all right for all Saturday, during the night and most of the Sunday. On Sunday afternoon there were some heavy rain, thunderstorms with hail making it quite difficult to reach the ‘finish line’ in Sveta Nedelja. Congratulations to all finishers, who have also become the Super randonneurs! Special thanks to Željko Pale – after deciding to quit the brevet, Željko gave his bike to Darko Fojs making it possible for Darko to finish the brevet. And also thank to the members of Darko Fojs’ group who did not abandon him – that’s the randonneur spirit!

All eight randonneurs by finishing whole series or the Super series have met the qualification standard for the Paris-Brest-Paris.

‘Results’ of the BRM 600 km Sveta Nedelja:

Alen Moše34:42
Bojan Gunjević34:42
Aleksej Dolinšek34:58
Danijel Horvat39:39
Josip DikonDNF
Željko PaleDNF
Darko Fojs34:42
Boštjan Pečar34:42
Siniša Babić36:28
Ares Buršić34:42

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Sljedeći brevet

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